• May 21, 2017

    Nantong Changhai Food Additive Company becomes part of Guangye Group's, L&P Food Ingredient Co. Ltd.

    Shareholders of Changzhou Niutang Chemical Plant Co, Ltd. have agreed to the majority share sale of their Sucralose, Aspartame and Folic Acid facility - Nantong Changhai Food Additive Co. Ltd., to Guangye Group's, L&P Food Ingredient Co. Ltd.

    It creates China's largest high intense sweetener manufacturer.

  • October 20, 2012

    New Sucralose facility due to come on stream Q4

    It became quite clear that the market demand for Sucralose was slowly outstripping supply. The demand for high quality Sucralose from a reliable, traceable and ethical source saw sales of Sucralose break all records.

    To meet this demand, we will finish expansion of newest Sucralose facility in Nantong. This will make us the leading manufacturer for Sucralose in China and the world's largest manufacturer for both Aspartame AND Sucralose.

  • 2009

    Sucralose Manufacturing begins at Nantong Changhai Food Additive

    With our success at the ITC hearing and the continued demand for our high quality Sucralose, 2009 saw the opening of our second Sucralose facility at our Nantong site.

  • 2009

    Niutang prevails on ITC Sucralose patent case

    With ongoing success in Sucralose production and sales we were taken to court by the largest supplier for Sucralose. Allegations were made over patent infringement.

    Challenged in a court of law we naturally defended ourselves and in 2009 the International Trade Commission (ITC) found in our favor and we won

    This was extended further with independent patent attorney proving that we did not breach patents for the UK and Italy.

  • 2008

    Niutang UK established near Birmingham

    On the 8th August, 2008 while all eyes watched the start of the Olympics in Beijing another event was taking place. It was yet another step in the evolution of Niutang's sales and marketing strategy with the opening of their office in Europe's largest market for high intensity sweeteners, the United Kingdom.

    Based just outside Birmingham the office covers the entire UK and parts of Europe as well as stocking material in the UK as well.

  • 2004

    Niutang begins exporting Sucralose

    With the success gained through our Aspartame sales and the knowledge gained through the manufacture of one of the world's most popular sweeteners, it only seemed natural to explore other sweeteners.

    That 'other' sweetener was sucralose. Derived from sugar, Sucralose was growing rapidly with customer seeking an alternative supplier to what was then the market leader. So, 10 years after we started manufacturing Aspartame, our first Sucralose facility started production.

  • 2003

    U.S. Niutang Chemical Inc. established

    After the success of Niutang B.V in Europe it only seemed natural that US Niutang Inc. should be set up. In 2003 this came true and the office and Niutang rapidly grew in what is our largest market in the world.

  • 2003

    Nantong Changhai Food Additive Co., Ltd. established in Haimen, China

    This was our first major expansion outside of Changzhou. It is an area about one hour from our current facility and gave us greater scope to expand. It was here that our second Aspartame facility was established and further expansion of our Folic Acid facility.

  • 2000

    Niutang B.V. Established

    With our activities growing in the Aspartame business we were gaining a reputation as a prominent manufacturer of Aspartame, Folic Acid and TGIC. With more and more customers wanting to buy our material and work with our company it was decided to open up our first overseas office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Niutang B.V was born!

  • 1997

    Niutang goes private

    This was yet another major chapter in our history. After nearly 30 years of state ownership, Niutang is told by the government to the workers of Niutang and Changzhou Niutang becomes a private limited company with 13 shareholders all working in Niutang.

  • 1994

    First Aspartame facility opens

    With the world now open to, we made a bold statement of intent with the opening of our first Aspartame facility. This was a real door opener in many ways because we became the first major Aspartame manufacturer in China to export.

  • 1993

    We gain our export licens

    In 1993, Niutang obtained its export licence and quite literally the whole world opened up for us and more importantly for our customers. Some major blue chip companies began to see the quality and potential that lay within our company. From this moment on we never looked back and we really became the company we are today.

  • 1969

    Niutang founded in Changzhou, China

    Changzhou Niutang (or as most people know us, 'Niutang'), was founded in 1969. Originally state owned it was created as a way to create jobs in the city of Changzhou. As most things in China, the city rapidly grew with Niutang based in its centre.

    (Nantong, our second facility is marked and came 34 years later).