1、Commissioner of Justice

Monthly salary: 4K-6K


1. To assist in legal work, including but not limited to legal consultation, due diligence, litigation follow-up, etc.

2. Be responsible for the formulation of various standard models of contracts and the accounting of contracts.

3. Providing legal support for corporate legal cases, filing, appearing in court, mediating and communicating on behalf of the company.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in law;

2. Strong language expression, good communication, integrity, good execution and professional ethics.

2、Financial officer

Monthly salary: 5K-6K


1. Audit all kinds of payment documents, such as expense reimbursement slip, loan slip, contract payment approval slip, etc. 

2. Compilation of company's daily accounting and financial statements; 

3. To be responsible for the collation, binding and filing of accounting documents, account books, financial and accounting reports, etc. 

4. Be responsible for compiling and reporting project account and its analysis report, sales expense statistics and contract list; 

5. Cooperate with the company to complete all kinds of audit work; 

Participate in the formulation of accounting policies, financial systems and financial workflow of the company. 

7. Participate in corporate tax planning; 

8. Be responsible for annual budget preparation and submit monthly performance analysis report. 

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting and financial management related specialties, with the title of intermediate accountant; 

2. More than two years of relevant post experience in manufacturing enterprises; 

3. Familiar with accounting system, tax regulations and financial management knowledge; 

4. Good communication and expression skills and strong anti-pressure ability. 

3、Chemicals sales

Monthly salary: 5K

Job requirements:

College degree or above, good-looking, good communication, sales experience 

Contact person: Ms. Zhang 0513-68188227 Ms. Ni 0513-68188258

Address: No. 15 Daqing Road, Qinglong Chemical Park, Haimen No. 3 Factory, Nantong.